In alphabetical order

British Historic Racing - VMCC Racing Section.

CRMC - Classic Racing Motorcycle Club.

Fastrackimages - Bike Racing Photos.

Harry Long - Continental Rudge Racer.

'Mister' Rudge - The Life of Dr Helmut Krackowizer.

MK VIII Velocette - Rob Drury's MK VIII Site. - Motorcycling Links.

Motorbike UK Web Directory - Motorcycling Links.

Nir Ozdor Classic Bikes - Rudging in Israel.

Norton Singles - George Cohen, Norton Singles.

Old Racer - Kingham Racing Vincents.

Peter Scott Motorcycles - Australian Rudge Specialists.

Racing Vincent - Vincents and SOHC Nortons.

Royal Enfield Racing - Hemming's Enfields.

RS Motorcycles - Goldstar Specialists. - Alex Ruemmel Rudge Racing. - Andreas Ulm's Rudge site.

Rudge Enthusiasts Club - The Rudge Enthusiasts Club site.

Southern 100 - Southern 100 Road Racing.

Sport Pics - Racing Photos.

Team Wildcard Racing - The Miki Sprosen & Phil Betty Race Team.

Tom Sheard - First Manxman to win the Isle of Man TT.

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