After the successful 1st, 2nd & 4th in the 1931 Lightweight TT with Graham Walker, Tyrell Smith and Ernie Nott, Rudge marketed a 250cc 'TT Replica' racing model for 1932 based on the 1931 works machine. Similarly the 1933 model was based on the 1932 works machine. The 350cc & 500cc TT Replicas were built in fairly large numbers, but the Lightweight model was produced in very limited numbers, hence why so few survive.

Brief specification for the 1933 TT Replica:

Frame: TT frame with 500cc forks.

Wheels: WM1 x 21" front and rear.

Brakes: Coupled with front 8" 500cc drum and rear 6 3/4" 350cc drum.

Tanks: Soldered and riveted with twin Coventry movement filler caps.

Engine: 249cc 4 Valve fully radial, TT pattern cylinder head with 14mm spark plug, crankcases made from RR50 alloy. Amal 15TT32 carburettor and BTH KC1 D6 racing magneto.

Transmission: 4 speed close ratio gearbox with LHS foot control & 40 tooth clutch.

Controls: Bowden cable operated steering damper, inverted levers, Amal levers and Amal twist grip with racing finish.

Weight: 275 lbs

Price New in 1933: £60


The 1933 250cc TT Replica shown below is fitted with a 1932 specification 'works' engine (note different crankcase casting to replica). This bike has been an on and off ongoing project for some 28 years and was finally completed in February 2009


Thanks to the following people (in no particular order, and many of whom are no longer with us) for supplying parts, help or lending patterns to make finishing this bike a reality.

Bob Jones, Frank Pearce, Albert Wiffen, Peter Welch, Jim Gregory, Bernard Rose, Colin Chappel, Ronnie Flemming, Philip Weston, Bill Moran, Alex Rummel, Phil Smith, Eric Greaser, Steve Griffiths, Ian Bain, Leonard Rainbird, Rudgespares, Jim Targett, Gunter Warneke, Arthur Summerscales, Walter Angliss, Gary Davis, Arthur Lavington, Allan Walker, Owen Greenwood, Wilf’s Scrapyard I.O.M. (parts from Les Martin), Curly Rogers.




1933 250cc TT Replica fitted with a 1932 Works engine